FAQ — Frequently asked questions

What does DeliSky do?

We are a leading provider of VIP inflight catering services to private & business jet operators and flight attendants. With us, business jet operators take advantage of our services at over 600 locations worldwide: we offer a selection of the best catering providers around the world, and through us VIP jet flight operators can order onboard catering by directly selecting the food from our online platform, or by email. You login, you select the airport and the restaurant, and you easily create your order from a great variety of excellent food. You define your preferences and details of your order, and we coordinate everything: from the order to the delivery.

What are the advantages in using DeliSky services?

Delisky aims to improve the catering ordering process and allows VIP jet operators to save time. Furthermore, the caterers provided by Delisky are recognized to deliver the best quality in terms of food and services. Our team is specialized in private and business aviation and it focuses on satisfying the needs and exigencies of jet operators. The platform is easy to use and there is a complete transparence of the costs of the orders including the delivery. We provide excellent service and guarantee that your order is delivered on time. Moreover, our services are for free.

Does it cost extra to order through DeliSky?

No, or services are absolutely for free and you can only save money when ordering through us. Thanks to our special agreements with many of our catering partners you can profit from special conditions as discounts or reduced delivery fees for DeliSky clients. Further, we actively support you in saving any surcharges, fees and taxes where ever they can be avoided.

I have never ordered through DeliSky, what do I have to do?

Just give us a call, send us an e-mail or register with us on www.delisky.com/Contact/Register and we will get back at you and provide you with your personal login to the DeliSky order system. Also we will contact you to give you further information and instructions how to use the DeliSky system and/or the DeliSky iPad or iPhone App.

How can I obtain login credentials?

In order to obtain your personal login credentials for DeliSky, please click register at www.delisky.com/Contact/Register and provide all necessary information. We will send you your login details within 24 hours.

At which airports can I order catering via DeliSky?

Please just check the page www.delisky.com/About/Locations. There you will find all the airports served by DeliSky and their partners.

If I cannot use your online system, is there any alternative way to order with you?

Of course we also support the situation where you have no access to a computer or your DeliSky App. In such cases, just send us an e-mail with your catering request to catering@delisky.com and we will forward it to our partner and will make sure that your order gets processed and delivered as required. The menus of all our catering partners are also available for download and print on www.delisky.com/About/SelectedMenus.

How will I pay for my catering?

The easiest way to pay for your catering is by credit card. When you have placed an order through DeliSky, our catering partner will contact you and ask you for your credit card details. You can also pay through the handling but this will often result in a surcharge added by the handling company. For locations where you cater on a regular basis, we can arrange an account with our catering partner for you.

How will my order be confirmed?

Our catering partners will confirm your order directly to you by e-mail within latest two hours after reception during their business hours.

Can I place special requests or order items that are not listed on your menu lists?

Absolutely. If you allow at least 24 hours from order placement until delivery, our partners usually have enough time to meet every special request you are asking for. Just add your special request in the menu selection page of our order system ("add custom items") and our partners will do their very best to comply with your individual wishes.

How is the quality of the catering?

We only work with carefully selected, high quality catering providers, so you can always expect a high level of quality at any of our locations. Further, you can see the “Rating” of every catering partner on our order system The rating of 1-5 stars is based on the feedbacks that we have received from Flight Attendants.

How many hours before delivery do I need to order?

All catering partners working with us have their individual “Terms and Conditions”. On our order system you can see the “lead time” of every catering partner displayed. This indicates the minimum time required from order placement until delivery to assure full availability of all the menus. For special requests (i.e. dishes that are not on the menu) you should allow at least 24 hours.

Can you also handle last minute orders?

Yes. Basically the “lead time” indicated for every catering partner is the minimum time required from order placement until delivery to provide the full selection of dishes on the menu. If you have less time available, you may still place an order but some items may not be available at short notice.

Can I order catering from you at any location that is not covered by you?

Through our system you can only order catering at the available locations. But since we have a great network of contacts and a large collection of recommendations from Flight Attendants, we can always give you advise and help you to find the best available caterer at many locations.

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